by Monika Treut ​

Germany / Taiwan 2009, 89 min

An unusual love story that bridges two worlds. Artist Sophie Schmitt travels from Hamburg to Taipei to come to terms with the sudden and unexplained death of her Taiwanese lover Ai-ling. There, Sophie is pursued by a pushy journalist who seems obsessed with Ai-Ling´s fate. A series of strange happenings unsettle Sophie until she manages to demystify her perception.


World Premiere: Berlin IFF - Panorama 2009
Melbourne Queer FF 2009
London Lesbian and Gay FF 2009
Hong Kong IFF 2009
Turin International Gay and Lesbian FF 2009
Toronto Inside Out FF 2009
Buccharest Gay FF 2009
Auckland Out Takes FF 2009
New York NY Newfest 2009
San Francisco Frameline FF 2009
Taipei IFF 2009
Outfest FF 2009
Bogota Ciclo Rosa 2009
Dublin Lesbian and Gay FF 2009
Indignation GLBT Pride Season 2009
Lisbon Queer FF 2009
Festival do Rio 2009
Queer FF 2009
Madrid Gay and Lesbian FF 2009
Mezipatra Queer FF 2009
Bologna Gender Bender Festival 2009
Paris Gay and Lesbian FF 2009
Belgrade Queer FF 2009
Göteborg IFF 2010
FilmOut San Diego 2010
Athens International Gay & Lesbian FF 2010
Thessaloniki LGBTI Cultural Panorama 2010
Lyon Écrans Mixtes Festival 2018

Cast & Crew

Cast: Inga Busch, Huan-Ru Ke, Ting-Ting Hu, Jana Schulz, Marek Harloff, Jack Kao

Production: Hyena Films

Monika Treut ​

Monika Treut was born in Mönchengladbach, Germany, on April 6, 1954. She studied literature and politics at Philipps-University, Marburg. In the mid-seventies she began working with video. Her PhD thesis The Cruel Woman: Female Images in the Writing of Marquis de Sade and Leopold von Sacher-Masoch was published in Germany, Switzerland and Austria in 1984. 

She one of the few female writers-producers-directors in the international film world.
She’s best known for her remarkable documentaries exploring the topic of female sexuality.
Since the beginnings Monika Treut is represented at Berlinale Panorama as a filmmaker and Jury member, this year with one of her rare features. Ever since working on TIGERWOMEN GROW WINGS (GER, 2005).
Monika has taken a strong interest in Taiwanese culture and tradition that surfaces in GHOSTED. The film bridges two cultures not only in respect of content, it is as well the first German-Taiwanese feature co-production.