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Jippie No More!

(Jippie No More!)

by Margien Rogaar

The Netherlands, 2023, 90'

A family film about first loves and one wedding

Jaap Peter, a lively 16-year-old boy, eagerly prepares for his older sister's wedding at their beloved grandfather's country house. As the whole family rallies together to create the perfect celebration, Jaap Peter falls in love for the first time. But when the girl of his dreams is smitten with his younger sister Joe instead, Jaap Peter is disheartened and loses interest in the wedding. Until he realises that his presence and the unbreakable bond of his family are vital in making the party a success.



Youth Jury Award and Best Dutch Children's Film - Audience Award- Cinekid 2023


Cinekid 2023
JEF (Youth FF Antwerp) 2024

Cast & Crew

With: Wesley van Klink, Guido Pollemans, Lotte Jonker, Aus Greidanus Sr, Hannah van Lunteren, Carmen van Zantwijk, Carina de Vroome, Joep Paddenburg, Kee Derwig

Production company: Juliet (at Pupkin)
Producer: Iris Otten & Sander van Meurs
Delegated Producer: Nathalie van der Burg
Co-producers: Martien Vlietman, VPRO

Margien Rogaar

Margien Rogaar is a Dutch film director based in Amsterdam. She works on feature films as well as television dramas, with a focus on the themes of growing up and gaining wisdom. After graduating from the Netherlands Film Academy, she directed several shorts and single plays for Dutch Television. Her short film ‘Breath’ was shown at the Cannes Film Festival.
In collaboration with theatre group Wunderbaum, she made her first feature film ‘Maybe Sweden,' which revolves around a book club that travels to Spain for a holiday but gets confronted with Ghanaian refugees on their way to Europe.
Following that success, Rogaar directed ‘Bon Voyage’ and ‘Bouwdorp’ (Scrap Wood War/ Die Baumhauskönige), both films developed in partnership with scriptwriter Tijs van Marle, focusing on the lives of children and their families.
Margien then completed two television series for children. ‘Doctor Cheezy’ is an adventurous story about five children who escape from a fat camp in pursuit of a hamburger. In 2016, she adapted the book ‘Sans Famille’ (Nobody’s Boy: Remi) by Hector Malot into a contemporary Christmas feuilleton titled ‘Alleen op de Wereld’. This series was nominated for an Emmy Award.
In 2023, Margien's latest work, ‘Lampje’, premiered on Dutch television. The television series spans four episodes and centers around a brave young girl who lives in a lighthouse and rescues a mermaid-boy.